The Art of innovative thinking

These are rumors that the art of innovative thinking as god’s gift, in-born talent, exclusive for genius gallery etc. Modern psychology studies reveal that art of innovative thinking is something that every human mind can develop it by following a systematic way of change of approach to our thinking style.

Why do we need innovation? Innovation makes us self-empowered and confident. We get new values to the things we engage in. The results give us a spirit to produce more innovations. It gives you new opportunities and solutions to upcoming challenges. These are my suggestions to develop our thinking style innovatively.

Interest: We should have a keen interest to begin our thinking style innovatively. It comprises of self- motivation, determination and positive thinking towards it. Make sure you go with the plan consistently. Ready to welcome failures and express your happiness when you get success.

Observation & Analysis: It is the primary level of innovative thinking techniques. Observe thinking nature, the ways of thinking, finding faults, the time required for various types of thinking, the percentage of practical thinking/ fascinating thinking, time spent for day dreaming etc. comes under here. Make a list of all the attributes. Analyze your prevalent potentiality towards innovation.

Meditation is the best practice for observation and analysis

Find the emotional changes in different circumstances and the thoughts for the same

Find the attributes of your thinking style

Your thoughts inputs to the quality of your life

The Presence of mind to any situations

Question everything: Start questioning everything you do. Create as much as questions you can ask yourself in all situations. For example, if you are watching a TV program, you can ask many questions for the same like category of the program, main aspects of the program, main intentions behind program, target audience, connection between various information in the program, techniques used etc.

Multi-Dimensional thinking: Your analysis gives you a basic idea about your thinking style. The quality of your questions increases your probing skills. In this stage, try to find answers to your questions. It gives you different levels of meaning for one aspect. It is one of the crucial one in the path of innovative thinking.

Various answers to your question: In this stage, you can try to find various answers to each of your questions. The quest for innovation begins from here. Find various answers make your thoughts wider and how frequently you find answers to stir towards the depth of innovation for you.

Best Practices: In order to cultivate your innovative mind and boost your memory we need to follow certain guidelines.

Find time for cohesive thinking in every day

Learning new things

Communicating effectively with the relevant people

Support others when they need assistance for their problems, if they seek help

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