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Key2hire was founded in 2013 and is serving recruitment services in the United Arab Emirates and offers services around the globe. We have built up our  services to be revolved around our customer’s needs, giving the most qualified applicants, yet additionally, the individuals who are the best fit for the organization and position. 

Our recruitment services have a vast network of offices around the globe, and each of our consultants is an expert in the industry or profession we recruit. We use their knowledge and experience to find the best candidates for your vacancies.

We are an employment agency in Dubai that focuses on matching outstanding staff with employers of choice across multiple industries within Dubai, UAE & Middle-East.

We recruit for a spread of positions within the Middle-East, namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.

Our experienced team of consultants use innovative sourcing strategies to urge high-caliber candidates who can deliver exceptional business support, this is often why we are considered one of the market-leading job agencies in Dubai.

We help businesses within the Middle East hire various positions for a variety of companies in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East.
If you’re trying to find exceptional HR staff, our HR division can help find the right candidate for your business. We transcend experience to seek out knowledgeable and personality match, ensuring a rewarding and long-lasting collaboration. As a number one support staff agency in Dubai, our experienced team of consultants is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to both candidates and clients, helping both parties achieve their professional goals. This, alongside our innovative and transparent approach, is what elevates us from other job recruitment agencies in Dubai. We are the leaders in recruitment in Dubai, specializing in permanent recruitment, hiring, and sourcing staff. Among others, we advertise first-rate jobs in Dubai, Jobs in Kuwait, and jobs in Saudi Arabia.

We have a deep and broad knowledge of the human resources market, our active, proprietary database, diligent research, and continuous recruitment, which provides us a transparent advantage in readily locating the simplest talent to suit the position in your company. We continually add, update, and get in touch with our talent pool supported research and recruitment in our core industries. We are known for our ability to supply fresh, fully qualified candidates when needed, also as for establishing future relationships with both clients and candidates.

Our Recruitment Agency in Sharjah also finds the perfect candidates The world is coming near and near with the latest technology. More and more people are relocating so as to seek out the proper job with the simplest package possible. There has been a surge within the relocation aspects In Sharjah with the ever-changing world economy. We are the leading Sharjah recruitment agency, Key2hire has encounter industries that are willing to hire candidates from across the world. Our recruitment consultants in Sharjah understand this changing need of the market and have created a pool of talented candidates to satisfy the wants of the various industries. We cater to openings in junior, middle, and senior levels. In fact, our recruitment agency Sharjah offers fresher candidates if the work description requires such candidates.
To meet the various needs and specific requirements of the various industrial sectors, we’ve trained and skilled consultants at our end. all of them are well versed within the different steps of processing a candidate. Be it resumes sourcing, CV formatting, soft skills assessment, conducting the telephonic interview, getting the candidate’s background checked – our professionals can do all this and far more thereby making us the foremost sought-after Sharjah recruitment agency.

For relocating candidates, our Recruitment consultants in Sharjah make sure that the whole process is administered smoothly. There are many candidates who haven’t been out of their country and traveling outside for the primary time. to make sure that they don’t feel overlooked or get frightened of their impending future, our consultants confine constant touch with them. We confirm that the candidate has reached the country safely and have joined the organization on the designated day and time. Our recruitment service isn’t limited to processing resumes. It goes much beyond.

Different companies and organizations have come up in Sharjah. At Key2hire, we provide industry-specific service. Each of the resumes processed is screened as per the stress of the industry and therefore the required description. we provide placement services in Food sectors, Tours and travel, Healthcare industries, Learning jobs, Technical services, Car rentals, and Store jobs. Just allow us to realize the work type, description, and therefore the candidate profile. we’ll process resumes accordingly.
Transparent Hiring Model. 

We have a transparent hiring model where both the corporate and therefore the candidate realize the present job opening. This has been done to avoid hassles within the future. the work requirements of each organization vary. Some hire on a contractual basis, have a project-based opening. When processing the resumes, we inform you about the opening structure and therefore the package offered. only the candidate expresses his interest within the opening, we process the resume and not before that. We believe in offering the simplest possible services during a smooth and hassle-free manner.

Replacement Facility. 

If any of the candidate processed by us, leaves the organization before completing the primary three months after joining, we have a replacement facility on offer. we’ll provide your company with another resource matching the work description and with the specified skills without charging anything extra. However, thus far we’ve not faced such a problem. we’ve 100% placement diary.

International Recruitment Agency

Being a world recruit agency, we process resumes from across the world. intrinsically we have an enormous databank of resources at our disposal. regardless of what the work description and therefore the sort of industry; we will process resumes that meet the precise description. we provide end to finish solutions from resourcing resumes to the location of the candidate.

Our recruitment agency in Sharjah offers services is on par with the simplest within the industry. which allows us to realize the  job opening and therefore the candidate profile, and our expert team will get right down to work. to understand more about the services and therefore the pricing charged, you’ll call us and customer executives will satisfy your needs. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today. Our executives will guide you through the whole process.


We specialize in providing:

Contingent recruitment: 1 to 4 hires

Multiple hiring and recruitment: 5 or more hires

Executive Search: Headhunting for C-suite and senior roles

Contracting: Shorter-term assignments

Emiratisation: UAE National recruitment

Saudi Arabia: Recruiting national and ex-pat professionals for organizations operating within Saudi Arabia. 

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Sales & Marketing

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Recruitment refers to general methodology of drawing in candidates, shortlisting, choosing and selecting reasonable applicants for jobs (lasting and transitory) inside any association.

It can also refer to processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles. Managers, human resource generalists, and recruitment specialists may be tasked with carrying out recruitment, but in some cases, public-sector employment agencies, commercial agencies, or specialist search consultancies are used to undertake part of the process. Web-based advances to help all parts of enrollment have gotten far-reaching.


In circumstances where different new openings are made and recruited for the first time or opportunities are there or the nature in such reports as job descriptions and job specifications. In most situations, an organization has sets of expectations for existing positions. Where previously drawn up, these archives may require a survey and refreshing to reflect current requirements. Before the recruitment stage, a person’s specification should be finished.


Sourcing is the utilization of at least one procedure to pull in or distinguish the possibility to fill work opportunities. It might include interior as well as external job publicizing, utilizing suitable media, for example, work gateways, nearby or national papers, online networking (LinkedIn), business media, authority enrollment media, proficient distributions, window promotions, work focuses, or in an assortment of ways utilizing the web.

Then again, managers may utilize consultancies or agencies to find in any case rare applicants who, much of the time, perhaps content in their present positions and are not effectively hoping to move. This underlying exploration for applicants likewise called name age produces contact data for potential competitors, whom the enrollment specialist can then cautiously contact and screen.


Different mental tests can survey an assortment of KSAOs, including literacy. Assessments are accessible to measure physical ability. Search agencies may use applicant track systems to track the applicants, alongside programming devices for psychometric testing and execution based assessment. In numerous nations, employers are lawfully commanded to guarantee their screening and determination forms meet equal opportunity and moral norms.

Employers are probably going to perceive the value of applicants who encompass soft skills such as relational or group leadership. Many organizations, including worldwide associations and those that enroll from a scope of nationalities, are likewise regularly worried about whether an applicant fits the prevailing organizational culture. Organizations and search agencies are currently going into video screening as an approach to see these aptitudes without the need to welcome the applicants in physical. Screening as training for employing has experienced consistent change throughout the years and frequent associations are utilizing video to keep up the previously mentioned norms they set for themselves and the business.



If your organization is looking to hire, we can assist you to attract and place the candidates that fit into your business, procedure, and culture. Tell us about the job you are seeking initiate for by filling in the contact form and we’ll hit you up.



To be certain that we pick the best representatives, we contribute a lot of time and devotion to our enlistment procedure. It is likewise essential to us that you know about our enlistment procedure and realizes what will occur straightaway. Our endeavors to choose up-and-comers are progressing, so make certain to present your application when you see a place that may suit you.

What we’re searching for

Normally, what we look for in another worker relies upon the work undertakings to be performed. We generally search for submitted cooperative people with the correct drive, polished methodology, inventive power, and inventiveness to have a genuine effect on what’s to come. Individuals who set out to take proprietorship. Isn’t that right?


Proficient capabilities and your profile are significant rules that are utilized to make a determination. It is additionally significant that we comprehend why you are going after the job being referred to, and what you trust you can contribute. In the event that we figure you might be an expected contender for the situation for which you have applied, we will get in touch with you.


The reason for the meeting is to evaluate your expert capabilities and experience and to pick up understanding into you as an individual. We will evaluate you dependent on the prerequisites of the position we are trying to fill. Your character is significant, alongside expert and universal experience, language aptitudes, and other important information and capacities. Our best tip for you is to come solid and steady and act naturally.


On the off chance that you are effective after the principal talks with, we will request that you complete a test as an enhancement to the reports you have submitted. This causes us to become more acquainted with you more and gives us a surprisingly better establishment for exchange and the following stage all the while.

Second meeting

The subsequent meeting is generally led by HR and the enrolling chief and permits you to meet more representatives and directors from Key2hire.

Last assessment

After the last meeting and reference checks, the spotters and the enlisting director will look at the different applicants and settle on the ultimate conclusion. Ideally, this implies we will extend to you an employment opportunity that you decide to acknowledge.

We need our enlistment procedure to guarantee that with an offer, you feel that Key2hire is the correct test for you and that you have an away from what we anticipate from you!

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