Power Resume Tips

‘Power Resume’ is written not from a candidate’s point of view but from an employer’s point of view. Some resume works better than others. Why? Because they are ‘Power Resume’. In this article, we will discuss some ideas to write Power Resume.

Power Resume Understand why you are being hired

First and foremost, most candidates believe that resume is about them. Both right and wrong. A resume is about you but from a recruiter’s point of view. What can you do for me? No employer hires you for altruistic reasons. He is hiring you for adding to his efficiencies. Hence, the first question that is subconsciously asked by an employer is ‘ What can you do for me?’. And this is exactly what Power Resume capitalizes on. They answer how you are better than any other candidate

Buzz words

Every job has its own buzz words that are common to all companies. The use of buzz words generally communicates a fixed meaning to employers. Use them effectively and you tell a lot about yourself by saying very little. This technique always enhances the effectiveness of the resume.


The most resume we see starts with personal information. Nice to know but not the most important thing. Most employers are keener to know about your experience. Your age, nationality, passport number, driving license numbers, visa status are important information but not the most important information.

Over and under explanations

Most candidates do not either explain their jobs completely or give details that are not important. For example, when you apply for the post of an accountant, it is expected that you know how to do journal entries. So talking about journal entries in your resume is not adding any value to your resume unless or until you are the junior staff.


A long resume is not exactly a good resume. Good resume at most is 3 pages long and no more. If your resume runs more than 3 pages, rewrite it again and again till you can fit it in 3 pages. Reducing the point size from 11 to 10 or 9 points is not a solution. It only makes it harder for the employer to read and reject it.


The power resume looks good in the first look. They are written to impress. If you are considering a job change, before you start applying, give your resume a hard look. Interview calls come to those who present themselves well.

Give it a shot and try to write a powerful resume for yourself. If you are not confident about it, use our free assessment service. We might be able to give you some pointers. And in case you want a powerful resume, hire us to write one for you.

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