Impress the Interviewer

To impress the interviewer you need to be one step ahead

Confident Body language: Showing your palms indicate sincerity, Excellent Eye contact & Flexible body movements to mirror the interviewer’s body language.

Reflective Listening: Paraphrase your interviewer questions concisely

Analyze & Consolidate: Analyze & Consolidate the organizational motives, operations, activities etc., which are relating to the position you are seeking for. Reach the Interview hall in time.

Professional and neat dressing: Choose appropriate suit for the interview (traditional/customer-focused careers).

Modify your answers in accordance with the interviewer’s age: Demonstrate visual tasks and your multi-skill abilities for people under 30. Show your commitment and dedication for people above 50.

Praise the interviewer and the organization: Praise the interviewer and the organization without exaggerations with reason.

Wise Preparation for predictable/Common questions: Prepare the answers wisely depends on the job role. E.g.: What is your weakness? ‘I would like to improve on my handwriting’ (For online jobs).

Friendlier & assertive: Maintain friendlier, assertive approach and smiling face throughout your interview session.

Showcase your ability: Showcase your ability to do the job as connected and systemic.

Show Enthusiasm: Show enthusiasm in all your speech deliveries.

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