Artificial Vertical Gardens



Key2hire develops a range of flourishing natural greenery bursting wall concept has proven its success. Interior and exterior wall surfaces can be converted into areas of lush greenery. A very high-quality artificial green wall options that can be used for interiors and exterior settings. All come in different designs and all are extremely realistic in appearance. The interior artificial green walls are inherently fire retardant (IFR) for managing potential fire hazards and they look brilliant.

Artificial walls are the newest incarnation of the old trend, combining convenience with beauty. In fact, offices across the world are utilizing artificial walls in their workspaces. The best part about it is you don’t have to water it. Not only will this save time and money, but it could prevent possible water leaks in your walls, and ceilings. An artificial green wall looks just as natural outdoors as it does indoors! Different panels are available, which are best suited for one area or the other. You can essentially put an artificial green wall anywhere. Whether you’re upgrading an existing office or designing a completely new building, ‘vertical gardens’ have fast become popular choice for future-led innovators in the interior design and architectural industry.

The exterior artificial walls are all UV stabilized which is vital for all outdoor purposes. To avoid discoloration and solar degradation that will otherwise occur in the Middle-east climate. In the hotels and restaurants, they can be used to turn unused and unprofitable exterior areas into productive and income producing space – a real winning solution. 

Key2hire offer a full range of Artificial Vertical Garden services: With each project, we learn something new about our clients’ industry and their specific needs. We’ve become experts in interpreting aesthetic aspirations while respecting our client’s individual requirements and budgets to provide bespoke green wall solutions.