Key2hire Auto DMS (Dealer Management System for Vehicle Sales and After Sales)

Auto DMS – Sales empowers you effectively deal with your stock requests and deals, consecutive requests, and custom or specially made vehicle buys and deals. Highlights like request change from stock to custom and the other way around, stock to demo vehicles, press vehicles, Trade-in alternatives and so on., will expel the weight of dealing with these exchanges independently outside the framework. The inherent VAT (Value Added Tax) includes additionally empowers you to viably charge and suit VAT documenting and returns.

Auto DMS Sales – framework highlights :

Vehicles Sales Module :

• Customer Enquiries and Vehicle Bookings with Standard/Customized alternatives

• Stock/Custom Vehicles Orders

• Order Conversions from Custom to Stock and Vice Versa

• Demo/Press Vehicle Conversions

• Vehicle Trade-in alternatives

• Invoices, Receipts and Delivery Notes

Demo/Pre-Owned Vehicles Module :

• Demo/Press Vehicle Registration

• Pre-possessed assessment and Purchases

• Press vehicle devaluation

• Pre-possessed estimating

Vehicles Purchase Module :

• Stock and Custom, Purchase Orders

• Goods In Transit

• Goods Receipt Note/Costing

• Vehicle Expense Booking

• Supplier Invoice and Payments

Vehicle Inventory/Masters :

• Stock Preview – On-Hand, In-Transit, Pre-possessed Custom Order Vehicles

• Vehicle Standard Specifications

• Vehicle Optional Specifications

• Vehicle Color Details (Interior/Exterior)

• Accessories ( Spoiler, Antenna, Mobile Kit and so on )

• Other subtleties ( Engine No, Chasis No, Make, Model and so on )

Product/Accessories Module :

• Merchandise/Accessories Sales

• Purchase and Goods Receipt Note

• Receipts and Issues

• Customer Invoice and Receipts

• Stock Adjustments

Vehicle After Sales – (Workshop Module)

Auto DMS After-Sales workshop/administration fix modules deal with all the after-deals vehicle fixes and workshop necessities. Highlights like production of vehicle fix gauges and occupation cards, guarantee, administration agreements, and alternatives of invoicing the Insurance organization (if there should be an occurrence of mishap fixes) or valuing based on the inner, retail and guarantee goes far in effectively dealing with the workshop.

Auto DMS After Sales – framework highlights:

Employment Card/Operations Module:

• Estimation, Job Card, Delivery Note and Invoice

• Labor Charges, Spare Parts, Lubricants, Tires, Consumables, Sublet and Other Details

• Parts Requisition, Purchase Orders, Receipts and Issues to Job/Shop Floor

• Option to dole out Jobs to experts and catch work check-in hours to decide the work proficiency and profitability

• Options to predefine Job Menus/Templates for various Vehicle dependent on Job Type

• Options to enter Jobs by Job Types, Department with significant reports and records

• The Status of each Job can be checked to know the real phases of each activity like “Opened”, “Began” and “Complete”

• Option to make New Jobs, Re-maintain Sources of income, Warranty Jobs, and so on.

• Credit Limit alternative in the Customer Master to arrangement a maximum credit permitted and the framework to square New Jobs if credit surpasses the limit

• Associate Customer’s, Vehicles/Fleet with following of Reg No., Engine No, Chaises, and so on.

• Options to make at least one of the accompanying Invoices :

o Cash Customer Invoices (Full and Excess)

o Warranty Invoices

o Insurance Invoices (Full and Part)

o Service Contract Invoices

• Vehicle Service History Reports, Job Card Ledgers, Invoice Ledgers, Profitability reports, Outstanding Statements, and so on.

Vehicle Warranty Module:

• Option to make guarantee Jobs with Parts, Labor and Miscellaneous under guarantee inclusion

• Warranty occupations to consequently pick guarantee rates for Parts and Labor rate + hours according to the Principal organization’s (as determined by the maker)

• Invoicing guarantee Jobs to the maker

• Warranty Claims Status answers (to meet the rules of guaranteeing inside 14 days)

Buy, Sales, and Inventory Module:

• Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Purchase Returns

• Direct Parts and Accessories Sales Module

• Stock Adjustments, Stock Take and Stock Reconciliation

• Location/Rack/Bin choice in the Item Master

• Fast Moving, Dead and Slow Stock and Inventory Reports

• Stock Report/Spare Parts Reports with [WAC/FIFO] Value

• Stock Movement (Detailed and Summary) and Re-request Level reports

Money related Accounting Module

Auto DMS Financial Accounting incorporates all the standard dealer management systems monetary bookkeeping modules like the Accounts Receivables and Payables, General Ledgers, Cash and Bank Books, Statement of Accounts, Profit, and Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet.

The Auto-Financials standard framework highlights:

Records Receivables, Payables, and General Ledger:

• Advances, Receipts and Payments

• Statements of Accounts (Customers and Supplier’s Outstanding)

• Journal Vouchers, Debit and Credit Notes

• Adjustment and Rectification Vouchers

• Accounts Statements, Debtors and Creditors Reports/Aging Reports

• Main Account and Sub Account Ledgers

• Income, Profit and Loss Statements

• Trial Balance and Balance Sheet

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