Artificial Green walls vs real Green walls

Artificial Green Walls

Why artificial, or why real?

Our customers keep asking us, artificial green walls vs real green walls. So we thought we give you a brief at the pros and cons of both and you to decide the suitable to transform your indoor or outdoor space with artificial green walls or real green.


Generally made from plastic, these new artificial vertical garden designs rose from a desire to preserve the non-gardeners happy.

You don’t need worry watering your plants nor you have to worry giving them extra care.

No need to use fertilizers, keeping an eye for the snails and no need to use pesticides.

The artificial vegetation and green partitions don’t overgrow a place.

Their leaves don’t fall off in autumn.

No maintenance required for artificial gardens.

Artificial plants is plastic and adjustable as per your desire.


As the artificial green walls are plastic, they don’t collect oxygen like real plants and they don’t provide environmental benefits.

The plants are available in the styles or designs that the artificial market installs.

It can be hard to find the design that you are desiring for. But some suppliers can custom.

You wont be able to see your plants grow or flower, this could be a pain for who enjoy putting to build and maintain a garden and see the natures magic.

Artificial green walls
Artificial green walls
Artificial green walls
Artificial green walls

Real and fake green walls

Like all, always there are great advantages of real green walls and artificial green walls. Both are green in color, the color green and feature of greenery at workplace or home has a great impact on a person, it makes a person feel calm, less stressed, leaving a positive health impact.

Both living walls and fake green walls adds privacy to an indoor space, it beautifies the environment with its natural beauty. The green walls gives positive effect on the value of property.

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