10 Keys to unlock your Business Decision Making skills


These are 10 Keys to unlock your Business Decision Making skills. In everyday professional life we need to learn new things to sharpen our brain.

  1. Recognize your own strengths & weakness in a decision-making process.
  2. Have an action plan to develop decision-making skills.
  3. Start with strategically planning on various things around you.
  4. Synchronize your strategies as business perspectives.
  5. Identify your business requirements on priority basis
  6. Identify the unresolved issues/questions.
  7. Find a list of answers to your questions
  8. Choose the best decision and alternative solutions from your answers.
  9. Work out if the costs and effort are justified
  10. Bring it to your daily life and follow it as the best practice

A large part of conducting any business is making decisions. Some of these are strategic: should we enter a certain market, how should we design our new product, which partners and distribution channels should we choose? Others are more routine, made manually or automatically during everyday business operations. The latter are operational decisions.

Operational decisions are determinations that businesses make on a regular basis, a selection or calculation of an outcome that depends on a number of prevailing circumstances (inputs) and which, ultimately, has an observable impact on the behavior of an organisation.

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